Something to celebrate?

Dino Experience Park

Celebrating your birthday with your friends at the Dino Experience Park? Your children’s party has never been so exciting! We bet you won’t live to be as old as the Nyasasaurus, which is about 243 million years old, but nevertheless we’d like to invite you to celebrate your birthday with your dino friends!

A scavenger hunt among more than 70 dinosaurs, jumping in the Jump Zone, relaxing in the Dinoscope, creeping around in the Danger Zone and much more. After all this running around, devour some fries and snacks in our dino restaurant, just like a real T-Rex would have done.

Useful tips for a successful children’s party:

  • Order your tickets online
  • Would you like to eat something in our Restaurantosaurus? Fries and dipping sauce, a snack and a soft drink cost approx. 7.80. Advance booking is not necessary.
  • Picnics are allowed in the park, but not on our terraces or in the restaurant.
  • Our park is pin-only.
  • With your ticket you can also play Jurassic Golf. You can reserve a time slot a day in advance and up to 12 tickets per time slot. If there are more than 12 people, you can divide the tickets between connecting time slots.
  • Parking costs €6,50 per vehicle and you pay at arrival.
  • Are you with more than 25 people? Please contact us via
  • Want to send an invitation? Download your Dino Experience Park invitation here
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