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The Dino Experience Park is closed due to hibernation. Opens again as from february 17th 2024. More information will follow!

Sluisdijk 15,
2809 NA Gouda

We are in hibernation!

The Dino Experience Park is closed due to hibernation, but as from february 17th 2024 the dinos will roar with joy again. and you will all be welcome to come to our park to learn, play, and discover! More information will follow.

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Are you brave enough? Discover everything about dinosaurs

Are you brave enough to stand face to face with over 70 dinosaurs that have come back to life in Gouda after 100 million years? Explore the allies and adversaries of your T-rex companion, capture a photo with a Triceratops, and be captivated by the Dino Cinema. Dino Experience Park offers a multitude of indoor and outdoor activities.

If you dare to enter the park, you will uncover the secrets of over 70 resurrected dinosaurs in Gouda after 100 million years. In addition to the outdoor dinosaur tour, there is a wealth of other experiences awaiting you. Unearth a dino skeleton yourself, be astounded by the Dino Cinema, engage with real Dino Rangers to ask questions, or summon the Indominus Rex in the Danger Zone, if you dare! And once you’ve accomplished everything and explored every corner, you’ll truly become a certified Dino Ranger.

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Dino Park Gouda

Jurassic Golf

Adventure minigolf between lifelike dinosaurs and fossils? Test your skills on our 18-hole adventure golf course! Can you remain calm with the hot breath of a T-rex breathing down your neck?

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Dino playground

In the heart of the park, you’ll find a spacious playground where young adventurers can play freely and joyfully together. The playground features a variety of equipment including slides, obstacle courses, air trampolines, a cableway, swings, and more! As the young visitors enjoy themselves in the expansive playground, adults can unwind and relax on the adjacent terrace while enjoying a refreshing drink. With a multitude of activities available, there’s more than enough to fill a full day of fun!

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Find out all about dinosaurs

Thanks to excavations, we have gained valuable insights into dinosaurs and the ancient world they inhabited. This knowledge allows us to understand how dinosaurs lived and provides a glimpse into what the world was like millions of years ago. As you prepare for your visit to our dinosaur park, take the opportunity to learn about your favorite dinosaurs in advance.

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Dino park - Jurassic Golf


The different dinosaur species that have been found
Dino park - Jurassic Golf

165 million

This is how many dinosaurs inhabited the Earth
Dino park - Jurassic Golf

20.000 kg

The weight of the deadliest dinosaur; the Spinosaurus
Triceratops Dino Park
kinderfeestje dino's

Birthday parties among the dinosaurs

Celebrate your birthday with your friends among lifelike dinosaurs! Explore the lives of colossal dinosaurs from millions of years ago, enjoy our Dino Cinema, and earn the title of honorary Dino Ranger. Hosting a children’s party at Dino Experience Park guarantees an unforgettable and successful celebration!

Birthday parties

What did others think of the Dino Park?

These individuals successfully evaded the clutches of the T-Rex at Dino Experience Park and are here to share their thrilling encounters!

“We would like to compliment you on the way you have set up this park and how you are welcomed as a guest. A very nice and special experience. Thank you very much for the nice morning you gave us.”
Claudia Massaro
“Bigger dinopark than expected, dino’s are still in good shape, everything is neatly arranged. A number of extra activities also make it more attractive. There are many different types of dino’s, all nicely explained with a clear sign in several languages. Outstanding park!”
Tom Stoute
“Great fun for kids from toddler to about 12 years old!”
Danny Snoek
“Very nice experience! Really a lot of dinosaurs in the park, all with their own information. Fun and educational for the children but also for the parents! Nice to see that the park is in full development. We will definitely be back!”
Patrick Nagtegaal
“The kids and I had a great time. Friendly staff and clear explanations. As far as the holes go, this is a very nicely set up miniature golf course. The dino’s, the streams, the cave and the waterfalls are very nice. Next time we will come looking for gold!”
Paul Vos
“Very nice job, staff is very sympathetic to the children. There even was a secret cave. We had a very enjoyable experience as grandparents with grandson.”
Leen Schakelaar
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