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The T-Rex is waiting for you! As we are allowed a maximum number of visitors per day, you need a reservation to visit the Dino Experience Park or Jurassic Golf. You can do this below!

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Dino pretpark Zuid-Holland

Ticket information


Dino Experience Park

  • Children up to and including 2 years: free
  • Children from 3 years and adults: €14.50 p.p.
  • Includes: Scavenger Hunt, Playground, Dinoscope, Jump Zone, Dino Dig, Danger Zone
  • Exclusive: Jurassic Mining, DinoRides, Pedal Boats, Canoe, Dino Crafting
  • Choose an entrance time at what time you want to enter the park. It’s a ‘from’ time, so you don’t have to be there exactly at that time, you can also come later to avoid crowds at the entrance. The park’s closing time is 5:00 PM.

Groups of 25 people or more: price on request.

Jurassic Golf

  • Children up to 2 years: free
  • Children over 3 and adults: €12.50 p.p.
    • Including: Dinoscope, Jump Zone, Dino Dig, Danger Zone
    • Not included: DinoRides, Pedal Boats, Canoe, Dino Crafting
  • Choose a time block at what time you would like to start. You must be present at this time.
  • Anyone wishing to enter the Jurassic Golf course is required to book a ticket. Also non-playing accompanists.

Groups of 25 people or more: price on request.

Ride Cards

Three different ride cards are available:

5 ride ticket: €49.50
10-ride ticket: €69.50
5 rides family card: €137.50 (max 4 persons)

The following applies to all ride cards:

  • The ride card is not personal
  • A maximum of 1 ride can be used per day
  • Reservation of a time slot is mandatory
  • View all conditions

More fun

During your visit to Dino Expenerience Park and Jurassic Golf, a number of additional activities are possible:

Jurassic Mining: Find Gold and Gems 2 Coins**
Pedal boats: 1.5 hours for 4 people 15,-*
Canoe: 1.5 hours for 2 persons 15,-*
Dino crafting: 1 coin
Dino Rides: 1 coin
Photo moment: 1 coin
Danger Zone: 1 coin

* You can already book this extra activity when booking your ticket
** only in combination with Dino Experience Park

The activity coins cost 1.75 each and can be purchased online or at the cash register in a bag of 5 pieces.

It is no longer possible to pay with cash in our park.


Day ticket parking: €6,50 per car. This is paid for in advance (contactless) by debit card at the barrier.