Are you brave enough? Discover all about dinosaurs

Go on an adventure as a ranger in the Dino Experience Park! Discover the dinosaurs that inhabited our earth millions of years ago, dig up a dinoskeleton yourself or play miniature golf among the dinosaurs. Are you a real adventurer? Then perhaps you will dare to visit our lifelike T-Rex in the Danger Zone. There is plenty for young and old to experience in the Dino Experience Park.

dino experience park Gouda


The dinosaurs are back on earth after 100 million years. And this time they are in Gouda. In the dinopark you will come face to face with more than 70 dinosaurs. Set off as a real explorer with your ranger passport and solve the treasure hunt. Can you answer all the questions correctly? Then a nice surprise awaits you!

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jurassic golf

Playing miniature golf becomes a real adventure when you do it among life-like dinosaurs. It is possible on our professional 18-hole adventure golf course. The glow-in-the-dark cave and a pulling raft make it an experience for young and old dino fans. Are you ready to hit a hole-in-one under the watchful eye of the T-Rex? Book you tickets for Dino Experience Park now!

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Jurassic Golf Dino Experience Park

Jurassic mining

mining Dino Park Gouda

Always wanted to search for gold and gems like a real gold digger? Then visit our Jurassic Mining Gold Diggers’ Village after your treasure hunt, and try to find as many treasures as possible. You can take the found treasures home. Just be careful that the dinosaurs don’t run off with it!

dino experience park gouda
Dino Experience park gouda

Jurassic gym

The dinosaurs in our park are many millions of years old. It is therefore important that they keep their joints supple. A bit of morning gymnastics can’t hurt! Will you join the Jurassic Gym? High jump, long jump and sprint: find out which dinosaur is closest to your athletic scores!

Danger Zone

Are you brave enough to meet our Indominus Rex in the Danger Zone? The Indominus Rex was ‘bred’ by the scientists in the famous films Jurassic Park. By using DNA from the dangerous Tyrannosaurus Rex and Velociraptor, combined with DNA from many other dinosaurs, they created the most deadly dino ever. A kind of white T-Rex with red eyes. Do you dare to bring him to life in the Danger Zone?

danger zone dino park
Dino Park Gouda

Jump zone

Do you still have energy left after running through the dino forest? In the Jump Zone, you can have fun to your heart’s content on the bouncy cushions and the big air trampoline. A Velociraptor could jump up to 3 metres high! Can you do it?

Dino rides

Will it be a Stegosaurus, Diplodocus or will you dare to get into a T-Rex? Take a seat in one of the dinocars that drive you through the Jurassic Jungle like a true explorer.

Dinorides Park Gouda
Dino bioscoop dino experience park

Dino cinema

Do you want to take a break from your hard work as a budding Dino Ranger and palaeontologist? That is possible in our Dino Cinema! All day long, we show exciting and interesting films and documentaries about dinosaurs, so that you can see with your own eyes what their lives were like millions of years ago.

Pedal boat to Turtle Island

Want to experience the Dino Experience Park from the water? Rent a pedal boat for 4 people and take a nice trip on the canal along the park. You can already reserve the pedal boat together with your tickets and it costs €15, – for 1.5 hours (for 4 people).

Turtle Island Gouda

Will you experience it too?

These individuals successfully evaded the clutches of the T-Rex at Dino Experience Park and are here to share their thrilling encounters!

“The kids and I had a great time. Friendly staff and clear explanations. As far as the holes go, this is a very nicely set up miniature golf course. The dino’s, the streams, the cave and the waterfalls are very nice. Next time we will come looking for gold!”
Paul Vos
“Very nice job, staff is very sympathetic to the children. There even was a secret cave. We had a very enjoyable experience as grandparents with grandson.”
Leen Schakelaar
“Beautifully decorated course, with several holes and friendly staff.”
““Very nice variation on the regular miniature golf. A real adventure for the little ones. The courses are easy to do and also fun for adults to play. Good to combine with gold mining, although it doesn’t amount to much. Good catering with a nice terrace. We will definitely be back. Very suitable for parties.”
Edwin van Oostenrijk
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