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In the Dinopark, you will discover the dinosaurs that populated our earth millions of years ago. From the famous T-Rex to lesser-known dinosaurs such as the Lycorhinus, whose name means ‘wolf snout’. Walk through the different eras, take a picture with your favourite Dino and answer all the questions in your Ranger Passport to call yourself a real dino ranger!

Age of the dinosaurs

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How do you dig up dinosaurs?

Many museums have one or more real dinosaur skeletons, but did you know that it is very difficult to find them? Dinosaurs lived so long ago that the remains of most dinosaurs have simply decayed. So how does it work; finding and digging up dinosaur remains.

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The first dinosaurs appeared in the Triassic Period. They lived on a huge continent called Pangea, consisting of desert and wetter coastal areas.

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During the Jurassic period, dinosaurs lived all over the world. During this time, the first birds appeared while flying reptiles were still the kings of the air. The rivers were full of crocodilians and reptilian aquatic animals that could also be found in the seas and oceans.

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The Cretaceous is perhaps the most important period in the history of the dinosaurs. During this time, much new life appeared on Earth.

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