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It is almost time!
We are still busy preparing for the new season, but starting February 25, we will the doors to the Dino experience Park! The Park has been expanded with a number of fun and educational activities. The playground also has new play equipment, including the “Matterhorn” climbing rock.

All activities, including the 18-hole Jurassic Golf Park, are included in the ticket price. See you soon!

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Adventuring among the dinosaurs

Did you know that the Tyrannosaurus was one of the most flexible dinosaurs? In the playground at Dino Experience Park, you can show whether you are the Tyrannosaurus of your time. There is a large playground in the center area for the young adventurers, including the Jump Zone and a mini footgolf course, to play together carefree. You will find playsets, such as slides, obstacle courses, different types of swings – like a family swing, a seesaw, bouncy castles, a large air trampoline and much more! This makes Dino Experience Park not only a place to learn, but also a place to play. And while the park’s young visitors romp around in the large playground, the adults can enjoy a drink on the adjacent terrace.

Jump zone and cableway

In addition to the various playground equipment in the center area, the popular Jump Zone full of air cushions will also be expanded with a large air trampoline. That means even more jumping fun! There will also be a 50 metre long cableway in the central area! Would you dare to swing past the dinosaurs?

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Playground equipment along the Dino Trail

During the treasure hunt on the Dino Trail, you’ll also find nice places to play. How about the Dino Splash where you can have fun with water and sand under the watchful eye of the Plesiosaur? You can relax at one of the picnic tables in the area and then continue the tour along the dinosaurs.

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Largest playground in the area

With the large playground, the Jump Zone and the mini footgolf course in the middle area of the park, Dino Experience Park is one of the largest play paradises in the region. Take a break from solving the scavenger hunt and enjoy everything the playground has to offer. The park offers extensive play opportunities for families to come and play after a visit to the dinosaurs or a game of Jurassic Golf. The playground is open on weekends or during holidays. A real asset to the region!


Dino playground and more

Dino Park Gouda

Our park offers more than enough activities for a full day of entertainment. The play areas throughout the park make it even more appropriate for the family to stop by on weekends or during holidays to romp around and learn about the world of dinosaurs. Will we see you in the park soon?

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Will you come experience it too?

These people managed to stay out of the hands of the T-Rex in the Dino Experience Park. They tell about their experience here!

“We would like to compliment you on the way you have set up this park and how you are welcomed as a guest. A very nice and special experience. Thank you very much for the nice morning you gave us.”
Claudia Massaro
“Bigger dinopark than expected, dino’s are still in good shape, everything is neatly arranged. A number of extra activities also make it more attractive. There are many different types of dino’s, all nicely explained with a clear sign in several languages. Outstanding park!”
Tom Stoute
“Very nice experience! Really a lot of dinosaurs in the park, all with their own information. Fun and educational for the children but also for the parents! Nice to see that the park is in full development. We will definitely be back!”
Patrick Nagtegaal
“Very nice job, staff is very sympathetic to the children. There even was a secret cave. We had a very enjoyable experience as grandparents with grandson.”
Leen Schakelaar