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Company outing or children’s party?

Jurassic Golf is an excellent option for an adventurous company outing or an exciting children’s party. The Dino Experience Park’s catering facility allows you to enjoy food and drinks together before or after your game, adding to the overall experience and enjoyment.

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Children’s party at Dino Experience Park

Looking to make your children’s party truly memorable? Celebrate your birthday with friends at the Dino Experience Park! It’s an exciting adventure like no other. While you may not reach the impressive age of the Nyasasaurus, which lived approximately 243 million years ago, we invite you to commemorate your special day in the company of dinosaurs. Explore the captivating world of dinosaurs in our park, test your speed against these prehistoric creatures, and have a blast riding in our dino cars. After all the excitement, satisfy your appetite with a burger at our dino-themed restaurant, just as a real T-Rex might have done. Let the birthday festivities roar to life at our park!


Company outings

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Are you searching for an exciting activity for your company outing? Look no further than the Dino Experience Park, offering a one-of-a-kind setting for team outings. Engage in a thrilling round of miniature golf on our professional 18-hole adventure course, surrounded by a captivating Jurassic theme. Afterward, treat your team to delicious food and refreshing drinks. Contact us to arrange a customized package that perfectly suits your needs.

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Will you come and experience it too?

These people went to visit the Dino Experience Park before you and tell you about their experience here!

“The kids and I had a great time. Friendly staff and clear explanations. As far as the holes go, this is a very nicely set up miniature golf course. The dino’s, the streams, the cave and the waterfalls are very nice. Next time we will come looking for gold!”
Paul Vos
“Very nice job, staff is very sympathetic to the children. There even was a secret cave. We had a very enjoyable experience as grandparents with grandson.”
Leen Schakelaar
“Beautifully decorated course, with several holes and friendly staff.”
““Very nice variation on the regular miniature golf. A real adventure for the little ones. The courses are easy to do and also fun for adults to play. Good to combine with gold mining, although it doesn’t amount to much. Good catering with a nice terrace. We will definitely be back. Very suitable for parties.”
Edwin van Oostenrijk
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Indulge in delicious snacks, lunch options, and refreshing beverages at the Dino Experience Park, catering to both children and adults. Our self-service restaurant, boasting a panoramic terrace, offers a diverse range of options to satisfy carnivores and herbivores alike. Devour a sandwich with the voracity of a T-Rex and rejuvenate from your Dino Ranger duties with a generous glass of lemonade. Moreover, sustainability is a key focus for us. We strive to use biodegradable materials, such as cardboard straws, and actively promote waste separation initiatives.

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